“Man In The Box”

I saw this game on on LizzieBeth’s blog, and thought I’d give it a go since it’s a rad idea. So here are the rules:

1. Put your itunes library/Spotify playlist/any music you own, on shuffle.

2. To answer each question (Copy the questions from the blog you saw this game on – MINE teeheehee) click the next button: that song’s name will be your answer.

3. You HAVE TO write down that song title, no matter how weird or embarrassing it sounds!

4. Write your thoughts after the title of the song.

BTW, most of the songs I’m going to use have been on itunes for quite a while, and aren’t necessarily songs I listen to regularly.

So, here goes!

– What is your personality? Paranoid – Black Sabbath. Well, I guess you could say I’m slightly paranoid. It’s not an on-going trait, but it’s there. I do find it hard to be confident and at ease with people. It isn’t a big issue, just something I’ve noticed about myself, and that obviously I’m aiming to change. It’s not just when I’m with people; it’s when when I’m with them + in a new situation. I know there are tons of others out there who want to be more confident as well. For me it’s a sort of paranoia that I’ll run out of things to say, or be faced with a completely new situation that I don’t know how to deal with – rather than worrying that I’m not good enough. So to make it clearer –  it’s more worrying about my reactions to situations, rather than myself. If that makes any sense?

What’s important to you in a mate? Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes. Er… That my friends have to be part of a Seven Nation Army? I don’t think so… I like friends to be genuine and interested. Not especially in me, but in the world around them. Being interested in people and things makes you an interesting person. It means you’re open to experiences and different viewpoints, and even more intelligent. Obviously, I’d want them to be interested in me as well, otherwise what’s the point of having a friend? I hate it when people play games. I hate it when they pretend not to be interested in you, or don’t put as much effort into the relationship as you are. And the worst thing is when people try to be cool, or think that it’s cool not to care. That’s not cool, man. The sad thing is that a lot of teenagers are like that these days. I’d want my friends to be so united that we’d all form an arm round each other.

How do you feel today? Icky Thump – The White Stripes. So, apparently, “Ecky Thump,” is an expression for showing surprise; The White Stripes deliberately misspelt it to make it easier for Americans to digest. I guess that means I’m having a surprising day? I can tell you one very surprising thing that happened today: A certain rockstar replied to my tweet. He literally just said two words but it made my day! My heart was pounding when I say the reply because I couldn’t believe it.

– What is the meaning of life? Sappy – Nirvana. You could argue that I am the meaning of my life, since it is my life – and I’m a sappy person, therefore the meaning of my life is sappiness. It’s funny how the terms, “sappy,” and, “soppy,” originated separately, yet they came to have the same meaning.

– What philosophy do you live by? Comatose – Skillet. Lyrics from Comatose: “Waking up to you never felt so real.” This song can be interpreted as being about god or religion, which I think is quite interesting seeing as I thought of the song literally: I imagined a guy in a coma in hospital, not being able to wake up until his girlfriend shows him the love he needs.

– How do your friends feel about you? Iron Man – Black Sabbath. AGAIN?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?! So basically my friends think I’m this metallic robot guy that went into the future and saw the end of the world, warned people about it and then commited mass-homicide. And it gets even better,

Now the time is here
for Iron Man to spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kills the people he once saved.

Charming. I’m sure my friends love me.

– How do you feel about family? Come As You Are by Nirvana. That’s a pretty neat one!

-What do you think about very often? Enter Sandman by Metallica. 

Dreams of war, dreams of liars

Dreams of dragon’s fire
And of things that will bite.

That’s pretty much self-explanatory.

– What song would you put on repeat for a road trip? Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana. Now that’s a beautiful song. I actually have heard it on a long car journey, a few times before. I’ve listened to it so many times, simply because it’s such a thought-provoking song, with a haunting melody. Together with the video, it’s almost hypnotic. I probably would have it on repeat for a road trip. The music video is… trippy to say the least, but awesome. I watched it loads of times!

– Describe your life. Dumb – Nirvana LOL. Very fitting. I have to admit, it does feel like that sometimes!

What do you dream of doing some day? Jolene – The White Stripes’ version. That has no significance whatsoever. I dream of becoming a good enough musician to play for an audience, be in a band even. Or I’d like to write a book. Maybe both.

– What will people say when you die? In Bloom – Nirvana. It depends what age I die. Like if I die at 27 or younger, I’m still in bloom.

What do you enjoy doing most (hobby)? Circus For A Psycho – Skillet. LOL. Well, I guess I could be a bit of a psycho at times. But I’ve only been to a circus twice in my life, and I can’t remember either very well, since I was a lot younger.

– What’s your biggest fear? The Man Who Sold The World – Nirvana version. I was hoping I’d get, Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden, as it seems appropriate, but I guess I’m not really scared of the dark anyway. I always thought, “The Man Who Sold The World,” was an imagined scenario of someone meeting Jesus.

– What’s your biggest secret? Whispers In The Dark – Skillet. That’s a good one! I’m not spilling all my secrets on here, dude!

– What do you think of your friends? Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana. The song contradicts itself so many times!

– What will be the title of this post? Man In The Box – Alice In Chains. This is probably one of the most depressing songs on the planet, always puts me in a gloomy mood, but it’s such a gorgeous song. Gives me the chills!


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