Why Do Women Crave Chocolate?

Why do girls crave chocolate? I rarely, if ever get chocolate cravings but it seems like other girls do so I’ll try and explain. It turns out, part of the reason women like chocolate so much is because it contains something called theobromine. (It should be theoSISmine.) Theobromine is a chemical that’s a bit like caffeine, in that it’s a stimulant. Chocolate also increases serotonin levels in your body; serotonin basically makes you feel happy. On top of that, chocolate contains another thing that makes it so more-ish: Phenylethylamine. Now WHAT THE HELL is that?? Well, it’s a chemical that releases endorphins. “How do you pronounce it?” you ask. Wait, I haven’t finished explaining about endorphins yet. I’ll tell you how to pronounce phenylethylamine later.

Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers; in other words, they neutralise our perception of pain and stress, and lead to feelings of extreme happiness and excitement.

Obviously, chocolate is also sweet and creamy, which is another women like it.

So that’s why girls like chocolate; it reduces pain and basically makes them happy. But why girls and not guys? Girls tend to crave chocolate around the time of their menstrual cycle, which is when they’re feeling down or in pain. I also think that women turn to food when they’re feeling down more than men do. But I don’t know why as it’s just a theory.

Oh, and I won’t forget – I still have to teach you how to pronounce, “phenylethylamine.” It’s actually simpler than it looks. Break it into three parts, all pronounced how they sound. Pheny-lethy-lamine. Lamine is pronounced more like leh-mean. So – pheny-lethy-leh-mean. Phenylethylamine.

Are you male or female, and what’s your favourite chocolate? Do you even like chocolate?


3 thoughts on “Why Do Women Crave Chocolate?

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    • Thank you for commenting 🙂 haha ok, I will look for it and try it!! My favourite is van houten chocolate because I used to have that when I was really little and it reminds me of being four years old hehe.


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