I Still Can’t Play The F Chord

Hello Sweethearts (Do you object to that title? I thought it sounded quite lovely but do tell me if you disagree…)

I’m aware I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sorry about that. I’m not being rude and ignoring you, I’ve just been busy.

Well, today is my Last Day Of Being Thirteen. I don’t see why it would have any significance in your life, so you can stop reading this. It wouldn’t harm you; I honestly won’t be offended. On the other hand, you always could continue… If you don’t read this post you will never know what it says. Ever. You will go to your grave without seeing these words. They could say anything. Imagine the uncertainty of not knowing… Your choice.

As I was saying, tomorrow is my 14th birthday. It’s not like I’m going to die or get enlightened or start university or master the F chord, so it’s not really a big deal. I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been doing these past few days that I haven’t posted, and what (boring) things I’ve been thinking about.

Two days ago I started attending a radio presenting class, which was pretty cool. There was one of those control panels with all the buttons and knobs, like you see on TV. You know what I mean? But all the songs we put on in the class were from those, “Now 88” CDs. Oh god. Not a single track I liked. Luckily you’re allowed to bring in your own CDs, so next week my ears should be spared.

Oh, I haven’t yet asked you what you’ve been up to! Well, what have you been doing? I hope you’ve been alright. But I also hope that you haven’t been doing anything too fun, as I’ll have missed out!

Straight after radio class, I had drama. The kids there were ace. I also noticed that they seemed a lot more confident than the ones at radio. And something else – they seemed very, very close. Almost like a family… of teenagers. You get me? I asked whether they knew each other outside of drama group but the answer was no. Surprising.

I felt welcomed into the class, but one small problem: I can’t act. This is a drama class I’m going to – and it’s called drama for a reason. I seem to be the only person there who can’t act to save their life! You might argue that it’s because I’m new – but the only other new person was a very good actor. You see my problem? YOU HAVE TO HELP ME. I need tips! Please. I don’t care if the only acting you’ve done was two classes in high school, I need your advice. And I need it by next Saturday. Actually, I need it now, but I’m prepared to wait for your genius. Just one or two tips?? Please. Facial expressions are the the hardest for me to make convincing, body language too. Oh yeah, and keeping a straight face. So your advice or help regarding acting would be Very Much Appreciated. Comment down below? I might even add a link to your blog if I feel like it… Thanks.

Now I’d like to tell you what media I’ve been consuming! Though only if you share with me first? Oh… you want me to go first? I see where this is going! Ok, well, I will tell you what music I’ve been listening to etc. – and then you will leave a comment below telling me about what you’ve been listening to. Deal? Cool.

Well, I’ve been listening to Behemoth lately. They’re a Polish Black Metal band in case you didn’t know. I’ve also been listening to a little bit of Opeth, another metal band. By the way, my favourite track off [their album] Pale Communion so far is “River.” The song Cusp Of Eternity is also amazing, but I need to listen to the album more. Obviously I need to listen to the band more as well. You’re probably just sitting there like,”What the hell?” if you haven’t heard of these bands, haha. Sorry. I will shut up about them in a moment. I just want to quickly say that I think Behemoth (The Polish Black Metal one) did a really good cover of a song called, “Wish” which was originally by Nine Inch Nails. Oh yeah, and for some reason I’ve also been listening to Alice Cooper, which is totally different from the first two.

At the moment I’m reading “The Fault In Our Stars.” Have you read it? It seems like everyone except me has. I’ve been meaning to read it for ages, so I was delighted when my friend gave me a copy as an early birthday present. I’m also reading Barack Obama’s autobiography. I found it in a charity shop a few weeks ago and made my mum buy it for me. I don’t know if you find that stuff interesting but I’m enjoying it… my friend says that it’s the kind of book he’d put aside for reading till he’s 80. I don’t understand much of the politics but Obama’s childhood sounds interesting.

Right now my favourite TV series is Nowhere Boys. You’ll probably find it boring as it seems to be aimed at young teens like me. But I’m loving it 🙂 Honestly, it’s not too bad!

Weeeeell, that seems to be most of the media I’ve been consuming lately. I’ve also been practicing guitar, learning Spanish + French, struggling with maths and doing a liiiittle bit of drawing.

I want to properly write down my bucket list online where I can see it all, and tick things off properly. Right now I seem to have bits of my bucket list floating around in lots of different places. To be honest, it mostly consists of colours to dye my hair XD

My Last Day Of Being Thirteen came sooner than I expected. I’m worried that tomorrow will disappoint me. I’ve already decided NOT to invite anyone over for it. When you invite people, it goes quicker and you have to make an effort to be a host. I just want to chill (and receive presents) and maybe go out to Camden or something. My mum’s booked a Japanese dinner for us all, which I’m looking forward to. For the past two months I’ve been mostly half dreading my birthday and half looking forward to it. You feel me? I don’t want to become an adult and grow old. But also, I’ve had loads of things on my birthday list that I want to get given XD. My only worry is that now that the day is finally (Almost!) here I will no longer be able to look forward to it. Also, I might not enjoy the day as much as I anticipate. The trick is to dread it and imagine it as awful, so it can only get better. BTW I like the idea that if you double my current age, you get 27 – which is the age that everyone in The 27 Club died at. That means that if for some reason I’m going to join The Club (I’m not planning to so don’t worry) I have my age in years left to live. That means that (27 Club-wise) I’m in the middle of my life right now.

There ends your “quick” update on my vaguely interesting life. Oh, and remember your side of the deal? You were going to comment telling me what music, books, movies etc. you’ve been watching. What else have you been doing lately? Also, I would very much appreciate it if you could give me some acting tips. Even if they’re really stupid tiny ones. Comment!? It would be awesome if you could =D


4 thoughts on “I Still Can’t Play The F Chord

  1. HAPPY HAPPY early BIRTHDAY JAMILA I hope you have a wonderful day.

    And if you really care….I’ve been listening to excessive amounts of Breaking Benjamin and Sick Puppies lately. Also the new Train album. And the Rent soundtrack. that’s basically my life. Oh drowning in schoolwork too.
    I’m reading a book about Nelson Mandela.
    And I just finished season 3 of New Girl

    So yeah! and your birthday will be great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Good to hear!! I will check them all out, I love finding out about new music. And even if it’s a band I’ve already heard of but haven’t listened to yet, I like it when people recommend music to me.

      The book sounds good! I hadn’t heard of New Girl, I just googled it when you told me about it. XD xx


  2. acting tips:
    over-exaggerate everything
    Be super duper confident
    It’s not that important right? It’s not a gcse or anything?
    I’m terrible at acting – well I never tried, so I might be amazing..

    Happy late birthday! Did you get everything you wanted? Birthdays seem to suck more and more every year, but don’t worry 14 is not old and you’ve yet to gain responsibility for most things. 20 is what I’m dreading – don’t want to grow up
    I’ve just been to full albums at a time of the ramones, sex pistols and nirvana..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much XD Ok, I will be super duper confident! Yeah, it’s not like a test, I’m just really nervous about it because everyone there seems to be, like REALLY good. Like almost good enough to be in a commercial.

      Thanks for the birthday wish 🙂 I asked for a lot of band shirts/merch but I didn’t get any. Well, I got a hat that said “Hello, hello, hello, how low?” and that was pretty cool 🙂 Also, I got a capo which was something I asked for.

      I actually haven’t listened to Ramones or Sex Pistols that much, I’ve been meaning to! But I still get annoyed when people wear The Ramones’ shirts for fashion and they don’t even listen to the bans LOL.

      I haven’t been on Twitter that much lately, will follow you when I start using it again!

      Liked by 1 person

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