Looking For More Music To Enjoy?

For some reason, when I meet people, it’s really important for me to know what their music taste is. It’s mainly because I want to see if they like the same bands that I like, or so I can get recommendations from them – but in a way, maybe it’s also because I want to… categorise them. Ok, I know how that sounds! Stop with your accusations there! I know that those stereotypes about musical genres vs personality types can be false. I also know that many people have a wide range of music they listen to, and may not gravitate towards a certain genre. I guess I don’t exactly mean categorise. I just feel that, by knowing what music someone listens to, I get some kind of insight into the kind of person they are. You get me? Although, as I was saying before, the main reason I ask is in case they listen to the same bands as I do – in which case, we get to talk about our favourite songs together and  discuss band members.

All this talk about wanting to know what songs people listen to, when I don’t even get to ASK them most of the time! Either the subject won’t fit into the conversation, or I feel like they won’t be interested enough in talking about music. Most of the time the question just stews in my head, unsaid.
Well, now comes the time for me to ask what music you listen to. What bands/artists/songs would you recommend to me? And, out of curiosity, which bands would you associate with which types of people? You know where to answer 🙂
I tend to listen to a different group of bands each week. Lately I’ve been listening to:
1. Behemoth
Death/black metal band from Poland. They did a really good cover of a song called “Wish” by NIN. Other than that, my favourite Behemoth tracks are Decade Of Therion and Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer. Also, “Ov Fire And The Void.”
2. Dimmu Borgir
Symphonic black metal band from Norway. I’ve been listening to the album Spiritual Black Dimensions by them. The Insight And The Catharsis is a pretty cool song.
3. Slayer
You’ve probably heard of them… American thrash metal band, one of the big four? Haha.
4. Opeth
I have to confess – I have only listened to Pale Communion… :/ Ok, ok.
5. Grateful Dead
So far I’ve only listened to the top hits, but I promise to pay attention to the others as well. They’re a hippie-rock band.
6. Joy Division
Yeah, I thought it was just a popular T-shirt design at first too *Smiley face*
7. Dream Theatre
The Count Of Tuscany.
8. Balflare
Amazing Japanese power metal band. Definitely listen to them if you like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica, or anything like that. I actually met one of the guys in Balflare. He’s awesome! (Click this secret link if you like power metal http://www.balflare.net/)
9. Metallica
Uh, yeah, I think you’ve heard of them.
10. Godsmack
Alternative metal band.
And of course, my all time favourite bands: Skillet and Nirvana.
Tell me your favourite bands down below.
music is what feelings sound like

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