What Makes You Interesting To Other People?

What Makes You Interesting To Other People?

Interest makes you interesting! That is the answer. Interest in the world, interest in other people, interest in new and different concepts and foreign ideas. This isn’t rocket science. It’s not a new idea, and I’m sure anyone who sat and thought about the question for a while would come to the same conclusion. It’s new to me, actually – this idea that being interested makes you interesting. Actually, I had thought about the concept a lot, I just hadn’t been able to put it into words.

Lack of caring will not  provide you with anything; emotional detachment won’t gain you real friendships. You have to show  your interest on the outside. That doesn’t mean going on about philosophy, and having deep conversations all the time. It’s more of a what not to do. Don’t be withdrawn, and don’t think that lack of interest makes you cool. That is basically my whole point. Don’t try to be that kind of cool. The kind of cool that means making superficial friendships. The kind of cool that means disinterest and emotional detachment. Do not be that person who doesn’t try – the person that doesn’t care.

Be engaging. Be interested. Start conversations with people. Whatever happens, don’t pretend to be fascinated when you’re not. Instead, when you are interested, show it! Talk about things that you want to talk about. Feel. Ask questions. Don’t hide the fact that you are interested, because you want to seem cool. You won’t seem cool. Maybe you will to other people who think that way. But if you start trying to act like them, you become false like them. You become a hider. You become bland on the outside and you end up surrounding yourself with others who are boring.

Jesus! Is it so hard to understand? (Not you, I’m talking about those boring, uncaring teenagers.) Stop being so bloody self-conscious all the time. Just be free and be how you want to be, act how you want to act and show interest in the things that you’re interested in. Collect experiences, man! Everything you show your interest in, and learn about, adds to you. It adds to your personality, making you a fascinating  person.

This applies to everyone. Especially teenagers. Showing interest makes you an interesting person. 


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