My Bucket List

This list will keep changing, since I will probably change my mind about some of the things I want to do. I’ll also be crossing out the items I’ve ticked off.

Here’s the list:

  • Understand really basic quantum physics
  • Understand politics to a level that is satisfactory to me
  • Read the rest of the Chaos Walking books
  • Go to a concert
  • Be able to speak Spanish fluently
  • Learn to drive
  • Do busking
  • Meet my future partner
  • Go on a road trip
  • Be able to write Pittman 2000 Shorthand
  • Go to Australia
  • Go in a mosh pit
  • Get my ears pierced
  • Get other piercings
  • Grow my hair so long that it reaches past my waist
  • Write a book
  • Be in a band
  • Have a stranger ask me for a lighter
  • Get an adventurous haircut
  • Be able to tune a guitar by ear
  • Go to a Music Festival
  • Go to America
  • Travel abroad by myself
  • Walk from my house to Central London
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Attend Hallowmas
  • Be a Youtuber and have subscribers

I’m pretty sure I can complete everything on this list. Just need to manifest!


33 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Wow, what a young blogger! And such a long to-do list:-)
    Yes, quantum physics is intriguing. It’s mind-blowing. It was one of the first things to shatter my worldview. The spiritual journey shattered the rest of them.

    My list:
    Well, I had a to-do list similar to yours.
    But at a certain point I wanted only one thing. PEACE.
    And that turned into wanting to know Who Am I?
    And that turned into a worldview shattering realization that nothing here on this planet is as it seems. Including my self-image. I am not a body-mind…

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    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog!

      I understand what you mean. I have had certain experiences like that, where I slipped into another… “view” of not believing that my body was a person, but it was never permanent. I just slipped back into what I had previously thought of as my “self” – the body-mind, as you called it. The confusing thing about “awakening” for me, and the only major barrier my mind has constructed for me, is the question of whether you lose your ambitions once you “awaken.” I am just too attached to my fake self. Which sounds ridiculous, but I have just invested so much effort and emotion into perpetuating the “fake self.” I don’t understands what happens when you realize that you ARE peace. Surely you lose all your ambitions? If you stop letting suffering affect you, then surely you are also immune to excitement and fun? (But then, people like Gangaji say that you are full of joy once you have awakened, so I don’t understand that!) I love having fun. I love looking forward to things and being human. I know that makes me a victim of the mind, but I honestly don’t understand what happens after you realize that you are not your mind. Do you lose all ambition? I was wondering whether you could explain it to me? I don’t want to stop wanting the things that I’ve dreamt of. I LOVE listening to music and playing guitar and looking forward to my future. I want to write a book sometime. Will I stop wanting that if I awaken? Will I stop loving music? My problem is basically that I am really enjoying my journey as a body-mind. Which is silly because I know that I am just trapped in The Story. Once you are awakened, what do you do with your days? Surely you would just want to sit there and BE? Can you still have a normal conversation with other people and relate to them? I wonder what other people would think of you. I just don’t want to lose my ambitions!

      Thank you so much.


      • Well, you are still very young. But spiritually rather advanced.
        There is nothing wrong with doing what you like very much. Taste it all.
        Does that change with awakening?
        Did I lose all my ambition?
        Yes and no:-)
        It’s more that the REASON WHY I would do certain things changes. And then the things I want to do change , too.
        Before waking up:
        I need to dance IN ORDER TO BE HAPPY.
        I need to write computer coding IN ORDER TO BE HAPPY.
        After awakening:
        Happiness is found inside. Unconditional happiness.
        And then the things I do change,
        After awakening, it is like God starts steering me. Source tells me what to do.
        I don’t look for happiness anymore in the outside. I know it is inside.
        So the trigger motivation has changed.
        What has steering me has changed.
        Before , it was looking for love in all the wrong places, so to speak.
        Now it is Source telling me what to do .

        I still argue with Source, though.
        When I was told that I needed to write a blog, I put up a fight. Until I realized that I would lose and get sick.
        So I started a blog.
        That means that I still haven’t lost my separate self. And my ego is still alive and kicking. I can still argue with Source.
        But I am on my way.

        Once the seeker’s virus hits, then the dismantling of the attachments starts. That can be uncomfortable. See my recent post on the Dark Night.
        But you are young. Maybe you can still go and build your separate self fully, and then be later ready to give it up.
        Or you are already infected by the virus.
        I can’t tell.

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      • I see. Thank you so much for answering my question. I’ve been wondering about it for a long time. I get what you’re saying about maybe building my separate self fully before dismantling the attachment. My mum told me that a few of her teachers said that as well. But I’m not sure which approach I want to take. I worry that if I do wait till I’ve built up my separate self, it will be harder to “awaken,” after that.

        I don’t know whether I’ve been infected by the virus or not. I think so. But I don’t know for sure!

        Thank you ever so much for your explanation.

        Jamila xxx

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      • Oh. So, your mom is a seeker (or finder).
        Then you have all the literature at hand.
        The usual path is that everyone seeks happiness in the outside first. In praise and recognition from others, in possessions, accomplishments and so on. And only if that is exhausted, only if the person truly finds that nothing out there can give lasting true joy and fulfillment, then there is a turning towards spiritual seeking.
        Well, maybe with an intermittent phase of personal improvement, like how to be a fitter,prettier, smarter version,of ‘me’ .
        So, for the usual path, people can recognize the start of seeking if they hit this dissatisfaction with the world out there and have lost hope that anything out there can give them lasting fulfillment.

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  2. This is like the most wonderful bucket list I have come across and this belongs to someone so young! Well at 14, I probably didn’t know what quantum physics is, but I am about to complete my masters in it in a few days so if you need any help, do let me know πŸ˜€
    Also, traveling abroad alone is my top priority besides having many other things common with your list.
    Glad to meet you πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi Jamila!
    Your bucket list sounds really amazing… They are all very achievable and, since you’re only young, you will certainly be able to complete it in no time! I am nearly 12 and I live in Australia, so I recommend you to tick that one of your list soon, as Australia is truly beautiful country. How interesting that you would like to learn Pitman 2000! One of my best friends is related to Isaac Pitman (the inventor of Pitman 2000)!
    What is on my bucket list? I really don’t know! I do have a vigorous passion for photography and poetry, so maybe that would appear somewhere on it… Right now in school, we’re doing a passion project, and I have chosen to do photography, I will take photos and write a poem about one or two a week. I certainly look forward to seeing more of your posts!
    Olivia xx

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  4. such a nice list !!! Playing in a band can be very good experience. You never know where it gonna take you. It took me to the place, where I wrote 2 beautiful songs. And if you can tune a guitar without tuner, you are a pro !!

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