How Is The Vampire Population Sustainable?

I think we can all agree on the fact that the most common vampires in mythology rely on human blood as sustenance, and that their victims turn into vampires when bitten. But have you ever asked yourself how this diet is sustainable? And, more importantly, what would happen when everybody in the world had been bitten?


The main problem is what their food source would be. Without any more humans to feed on, vampires would have to resort to drinking animal blood. The question is whether animal blood would be as nutritious to them as human blood. I mean, there must be a reason why vampires prefer biting humans, otherwise it would be more practical for them to drink from animals anyway. But if it were possible for them to survive on animals, that would raise the question of whether animals turn into “animal vampires” once they’ve been bitten. If they did, that could make for some interesting stories.

However, if it were not possible for vampires to survive on animal blood, they might have to start biting each other. I haven’t heard much about this happening, so I wonder whether, in mythology, there’s something preventing vampires from feeding off each other. Maybe they rely on living blood, and since they’re dead, they don’t have that flowing through their veins?

Going back to my “feeding off animals” idea, it would be interesting to know whether or not “animal vampires” prefer feeding off others of the same species. That is to say, if it would be nourishing to drink each others’ blood. If it wasn’t, and they fed off other species, then there would be some humans who turned into vampires because they were bitten by animals – which is pretty fascinating! But it would again bring up the problem of whom everyone, including animals, would feed on once they’d all been turned into vampires. It relates to my last paragraph, about the possibility of surviving on drinking from fellow bloodsuckers. Except now, we are throwing animal vampires into the mix. Would the animal ones drink from the human ones, and vice versa? Would one stick to their own particular species: cats only drinking from other cats, horses from horses etc.? But perhaps it would be unhealthy to survive exclusively on your own species because of the risk of blood carrying diseases.

That leads one to wonder why vampires seem relatively healthy (if you ignore the fact that they’ve died); surely by now, there would be some pretty nasty diseases going round within the bloodsucking community – since everyone risks spreading their germs while feeding?… Maybe it is because they aren’t alive that they’re immune; their bodies would not be a very satisfying place for bacteria and viruses.

Now, let’s take a few steps back and ignore the possibility of animals “turning.” Perhaps if the vampire population began to worry about a diminishing food supply, they would have to kill their victims after sucking their blood. That way, the victim wouldn’t later become a competitor for food. But this would have to be done quickly, before the human that’s been bitten turns into a vampire. In fact, it would have to be done almost immediately after sucking the blood, otherwise the victim would turn into a vampire and be immortal.

However, let’s assume that our vampire friends are too nice to want to murder us… That would bring about the possibility of humans donating blood to help sustain them. But why would we do that? What’s in it for us? Well, obviously the fact that it means we won’t get killed or turned into vampires is a good reason. Other than that, though, we would have no obligation to help the other species. Not unless we had some sort of agreement, or pact, with vampires. Aha! Now, that’s interesting. Vampires are known to be stronger than us; they don’t need to rest and they don’t need to consume our kind of food. They also that extra feature of longevity, allowing them to work on long-term projects, possibly embarking on lengthy careers that will benefit both their species and that of humans. These traits can enable them to benefit humankind in exchange for us willingly donating our blood (through a hospital, whithout being bitten). Imagine an immortal, never-tiring, physically strong team of capable individuals: vampires, the ideal workers. The possibilities of jobs for them are endless. They could use their longevity to their advantage when embarking on extensive projects like finding cures for cancer, alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease, as well as mental conditions. Their strength would help when working with heavy machinery and such. Super-speediness would definitely aid them in almost everything, as would the fact that they do not get tired as easily as humans. Basically, vampires would be terrific “workers” and we would pay them by donating blood, on top of a normal salary.

That seems like the ultimate scenario for everyone. If it didn’t work out, though (issues and conflict regarding “exploitation” on both ends could arise!) and vampires started sucking our blood directly again, we would have to bring out the silver bullets… I mean, would you rather have a planet full of vampires, forced to endure the pain of eternity, slowly weakening due to a non-existent food supply – or get out a gun and end their already-unhappy lives before it all escalates? And yes, they can re-die if you use a silver bullet/cut off their heads/burn them/push a stake through their hearts.

Okay, I know I’m probably going to get some pissed-off vampires in the comments section of this post, telling me that they actually ENJOY their lives and would be happy to use their skills to help in the development of human civilization. Well, sorry, but you’re in the minority! Besides, many other members of your species would hate having to help humans. They’d probably break the deal and start killing us.

Oh dear, I can see myself becoming racist now… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have second-guessed your pure intentions, vampires. You see, I get a little distrustful at times. I’m working on it though!

Those are my possible scenarios and theories on vampire sustainability. There are plenty more, though! Tell me your theories about the vampire apocalypse, and what you’ve been wondering about with regard to what would happen. It would be interesting to find out what questions came up for you. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be cool!

Thank you!

27 thoughts on “How Is The Vampire Population Sustainable?

  1. Ha, great read Jamila. As I understand it, vampires definitely can survive off of animal blood, but blood from humans is more nutritious and enjoyable (and the fresher the better). I don’t think that the animals turn into vampire animals… but that would be really freaking cool. As you said, there are ways to harvest blood that don’t require making someone into a a vampire. And vampires can have human subjugates that follow them around and supply them with fresh blood at all times, but they age very quickly and so don’t last long.

    As for vampires surviving off one another, I’m not sure that they even have proper blood since their hearts don’t beat and they have no body heat… I’m not really sure
    And I’d eradicate them by exposing the whole lot to sunshine somehow and watching them turn to dust.

    Yes, the whole of my knowledge on vampires is harvested directly from the Clockwork Angel/Mortal Instruments books, so I have a rather limited perspective haha

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    • Thanks very much for reading and commenting! I enjoyed hearing what you had to say.

      I see. That’s a good idea – for the vampires, haha. Maybe the humans wouldn’t even have to follow them around; maybe they could just stay imprisoned back at the vampires’ houses, and whenever the bloodsuckers needed more blood to suck, they could just go to where the human/s are kept and feed! Or, supposing vampires, at this point are ruling the world – there could be blood top-up stations dotted around everywhere, much like we have cafes.

      That’s true, I don’t think they really can survive off each other either, if they could then they wouldn’t need humans. Unless human blood is tastier?

      So basically, we’d have to round them up – we’d probably get the army in – and put them outside in the sun. Great idea!! I totally forgot that vampires could die in sunlight, while I was writing this post. That would save us a good deal of silver bullets.

      I haven’t read those books – my knowledge of vampires is limited to Dracula and bits and pieces I’ve snatched up from films and stuff.

      Have a good day,

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  2. Allllllso, in those books I think to become a vampire you have to be bitten, die, and then brought back a specific way, so if we went from Cassandra Clare’s point of view there wouldn’t be vampires popping up every time a human got bitten

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  3. This was very interesting and entertaining for me. :3 There are so many movies and books I want to list now about your points.
    This has also made me really think about the stories I write, I really need to explore how half my characters live/feed! Although, I mostly believe that vampires cannot turn humans by bite alone, they must swap blood (which is what I’ve read in a couple good series). This would make the whole everyone turning in vampires problem gone. And if said vampires didn’t completely kill their victim while feeding, they would always have a pretty good supply (supposing they didn’t keep breeding new vamps) of blood since there is a lot of people and blood in the world.
    Gah, this is gonna turn into a post in the comments xD I shall just stop there. But, have you ever seen the movie, “The Little Vampire”? There’s some vampire animal action in it. c;

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    • THANKS 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it.

      Wow, you write vampire stories? Do you ever post them? It would save a lot of trouble if vampires couldn’t turn humans just by biting them… we wouldn’t have the whole issue of overpopulation and sustainability then, which would be great!

      I haven’t seen the little vampire. Would you recommend it? 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting!

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      • Not vampire stories in particular, more fantasy with all sorts of beings involved. I post them everywhere xD
        Agreed. They need to keep their vamp-iness to themselves.
        Yes I would :D. It’s the cutest little movie. /)^.^(\

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  4. i always assumed that, being dead, vampires didn’t actually need to eat anything. They consume blood because they like it … Unless they’ve taken the Pledge, of course. (See Terry Pratchett, Discworld series – teetotal vampires are among his MANY marvelous characters.)

    I’ve often wondered why one wouldn’t want to be a vampire, given the option. I mean the blood thing is a bit icky, but I suppose you get used to it – and apart from that it seems a frightfully glamorous thing to be – all pale and fabulous in black. Plus you’re immortal (imagine a whole lifetime in which to READ) and powerful, and probably rich – I never heard of a broke vampire, anyway.

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    • I hadn’t heard of the Discworld series till you mentioned it – then I googled it and it looked really funny! What’s the pledge?

      Oooh, you are tempting me to the dark side… But I would hate to be immortal. Imagine not being able to die – ever! Eventually you would get tired of life, and all your human friends and family would die. You’d never be able to socialise with humans, a) because you can’t get out in the sunlight, enjoy normal food etc. and b) because whenever you make friends with someone, you’d have to come to terms with the fact that in a few year’s you will lose them and outlive them!

      Thanks for reading my post 🙂


      • Well, you could always be very exclusive and mix only with other vampires, I suppose. And if you really can’t stand to be separated from a human friend, easy – bite ’em!

        The Discworld series is absolutely wonderful, and I recommend you start right at the beginning with “The Color of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic”. They’re separate books but they go together in establishing the basics for the series. All the other books stand alone so you could read them in any order, but I like taking them in turn because that way the characters unfold. The early ones are more light and funny; later on they get quite a lot darker and satirical. I don’t remember when he vampires first appear, but Death turns up quite early in the series, and … well, read it and see if you like it. Very much fun, in my opinion!

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  5. Very nice Jamila!! 🙂
    The whole vampire idea always freaks me out. I’m vegetarian!! I couldn’t be a vampire!! 😀
    Or maybe there are vampires who are vegetarian and eat plant juices like male mosquitoes do? In that case, you’ll see me biting a tree at night 🙂

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  6. I’ve also sort of been under the assumption that you don’t instantly turn once you’ve been bitten, It’s like a special process that the vampires have to choose to begin in order for you to be turned. *shrugs* It varies from story to story, that’s why I love vampire legends so much. You get to see so many different interpretations of the same legend Cx

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  7. Okay, lets say that vampires turn others by mutating them via DNA. If they do that, its safe to say at least part of the blood is used to do that. They take the blood, mutate it, inject some back in, and consume the rest. If you took blood without mutating it, you could potently gain more nutrients. If you take the same amount of blood from an animal, if it has less nutrients, don’t mutate the blood. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they want human blood. You would rather have pork than bear meat, would you not? Their solution? Use humans as livestock. Put them to work when their at it, too. It’s only a matter of time…

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    • This is a really good idea! I completely see what you’re saying. So basically, it’s more efficient just to consume the blood without mutating it, because that way you get to eat more – since you don’t have to inject any back into the human. My question about this theory is, how much blood would you need to mutate in order to turn the human into a vampire? What percentage?

      Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting on it!


  8. Taking this discussion in a different direction… Vampires are metaphorical representations of the aristocracy, who feed upon the life force of lesser beings (poor people). They live forever, due to dynastic inheritance, and prefer to prey upon lesser beings because like everyone else, they like to hang around with their own kind. They see themselves as being a higher species to the common man, and so by feeding off of the work of the poor, the are feeding off of animals. The aristocracy look down upon the plebiscite as though they were lesser life forms, animalistic in nature. How much blood do they need? Only so much that they can survive while also keeping the system in perpetual existence. I realize I’ve gone off the wall a bit, but we’re talking about vampires here after all…

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    • That’s an intriguing idea. I had never heard about vampires from that point of view before. So then, I’m guessing vampires turning to dust in sunlight is a metaphor for the aristocracy crumbling when its intentions are uncovered, or “brought into the light”? And them having to stay in the dark in order to survive, really means that they have to be a bit secretive about their motives so no-one figures out what they’re up to??

      Thank you for reading my post and commenting on it. I’m really glad I found out about that metaphor! I really appreciate you stopping by.

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      • I’m basing that metaphor solely on my interpretation of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Think about it, he lives in a castle, he dresses like a dandy, he puts a lot of effort into entertaining guests, he’s got seemingly endless resources and intellect, he lives removed from normal society, the people that live in the nearby town are terrified of him, he cannot survive by the work of his own hand, he has to feed on the life energy of others. So many similarities. The only contradiction to that theory that I can think of is that he is cursed by the gods, whereas the aristocracy mostly claim divine favor. I enjoyed reading this post a lot so I thought I’d share my two cents. Glad you found it interesting

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      • I see! I’ve read Dracula as well; I thought it was an amazing book with such well crafted characters, but I didn’t read as deeply into it as you did 🙂 What you said makes total sense. Thanks for sharing

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  9. I ponder a slightly different scenario. It is my understanding vampires need living blood to survive. Assuming this is correct, what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse? Zombies are also undead, and therefore wouldn’t be able to nourish vampires. What they would do is threaten vampires’ food supply, and their ultimate existence. Would vampires be forced to rise from the shadows in order to save the human race? If so, then what?

    By the way, great topic.

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  10. Thanks for this amusing and fascinating post on vampires. I quite like the idea of a vampire servant who, in return for periodic donations of blood (not so large as to weaken me) looks after my requirements. The only difficulty could arise if we fell out and he (or she) became angry and started to drink my blood in the traditional manner, straight from the source so to speak! I wrote a piece about vampires which can be found here ( Kevin

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    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my post. You’re right, the idea of humans and vampires working side-by-side with a pact, or agreement is very risky. More so for the humans!

      I’ll read your post about vampires now! Thank you.


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  11. I’ve often thought the same about zombies, that there lifestyle really isn’t sustainable, once the’ye eaten all the ‘braaaiiinnnnss’ then there wont be any left. Plus you can’t really donate body parts in the same way and I’m not sure you could harness zombies as a power of good for humanity in the way you suggested for the vampires. Maybe the vampires could help with future zombie problems?

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    • You’re right. If zombies possessed any intelligence, then they could start farming the humans, and quickly eat them before they had time to turn into zombies. In theory, vampires couldn’t be turned into zombies because they’re already dead… right? So then, using their super-strength, invisibility etc. they could overpower the zombies, thereby protecting the humans. The humans in exchange would donate their blood to the vampires.

      All these theories would make good stories 🙂 Thank you so much for checking out my blog – and commenting.


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