I Am Going To Have A Shower Fully Clothed

A few days before Valentine’s Day, my best friend sent me a short bucket list for me to complete! Excited upon receiving it, I eagerly began to read; there were 19 items in total for me to do. All seemed possible and enjoyable! This is what my friend wrote (The bits in brackets are from her point of view, but she wrote the rest mostly as if it were me talking):

1. Be at my best friend’s wedding (You better be there!)

2. Have a shower fully clothed

3. Spend a week with my best friend

4. Fill a scrapbook

5. Order dessert first at a restaurant

6. Go ice-skating with my best friend

7. Have a silly string fight! (We are so doing this!)

8. Own a Wreck This Journal

9. Receive a bunch of roses

10. Fill a photo album

11. Send someone a Valentine’s Day card

12. Go to a concert with my best friend

13. Call the same friend every day for a whole week (you have to actually talk to them!)

14. Only listen to one song all day (any song, your choice! x)

15. Print out a Richard Wisker poster and keep it on your wall for a whole month

16. Have a sleepover with my best friend

17. Do everything on this bucket list!

18. Watch “The Fault In Our Stars”

19. Read “Since You’ve Been Gone” By Morgan Matson

When I turned the list over, there was an explanation. My friend had got the idea from, “Since You’ve Been Gone”, which is a book about… a list. The story is centered around a girl who’s friend has gone missing. Without a trace. The only possible clue to her whereabouts is a to-do list that she’s left behind. The remaining friend must now complete the items on it, in a hope that they will lead her to the missing girl. Anyway, my friend thought it was a great idea to write down fun things for someone else to do. She’s right! I don’t think she is planning on going missing, but I sure am completing the tasks she set me! I actually haven’t read the book yet. But I will. The only thing that I have completed so far is “send someone a Valentine’s Day card”. I should be able to do “spend a week with my best friend” this year, as she and I might be going to a week-long festival in June, called Hesfes. That’s actually where we met for the first time. I have a feeling the “only listen to one song all day” song is going to be by Nirvana. As for the concert… well, I would say some kind of rock/metal band if it were solely up to me, but my friend and I have very different music tastes… It will be hard choosing! She likes music such as The Vamps, so our only crossover would be bands like Sleeping With Sirens and All Time Low. So it’s goodbye for now, Mayhem! I feel like we are going to spend a long time negotiating 🙂

In return for the list, I wrote my own one for my friend. We will complete them together! I can’t wait to tick off all the items, and I was just thinking, isn’t writing a bucket list for someone such a brilliant idea? I challenge you to make a short one for a friend! Tell me what items you wrote on it down below, or just stop by and say hello 🙂


11 thoughts on “I Am Going To Have A Shower Fully Clothed

      • Well my experience went like this: I was covered from head to toe with thick mud and slime. In the building there were only two working washing machines, and there were thirty men in the same filthy condition as I was. I had to have those clothes clean, dried and ironed within 8 hours. It wouldn’t be possible if I waited for a washing machine to free up, so I jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself down with a stiff brush. The dirt got everywhere. I blocked up the shower drain and spent a long time clearing that mess out and cleaning down the shower room. But my clothes were clean the next morning. So if i was to give you a tip it would be: wear clean clothes 🙂

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      • Oh… wow… Thank you for the tip and back-story! I will try not to get covered in mud and slime beforehand then… That is quite a story. I was thinking about your blog recently and the fact that I haven’t read it lately. So I will head over and give it a read!! Your writing is great.

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