In My Highly Unrealistic Fantasy

1. I live in a mansion and own a Harley Davidson.

2. My semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t run and stain towels when my hair comes into contact with water.

3. I am an award-winning author of several well-known, beautifully written bestselling novels that are sold around the world.

4. I always remember to take the croissant out of the toaster in time, thereby not setting off the smoke alarm.

5. I am in an artistically brilliant, awe-inspiring SUPER successful rock band.

6. I don’t get white lint on my black clothes.

7. I somehow miraculously master French and Spanish, and am also fluent in Italian, German, Latin, Japanese, Shorthand, Irish and some kind of Sign Language.

8. I do body-building, resulting in super-strong muscles and a killer running stamina.

9. I actually wake up relatively early…

10. I have plenty of excess time to spend on leisure activities and expanding my knowledge.

11. I manage to think up witty come-backs on the spot and not three months later.

12. I have tons of followers on WordPress (hint-hint).

13. I get round to stuff.

14. I can listen to multiple songs at the same time.

15. I don’t quake in fear at having to answer the phone.

16. I can devour books one after the other and still have time to have a life.

17. I am immune to colds.

18. I am the human manifestation of awesomeness.

19. I don’t lose guitar picks.

20. No-one needs the toilet when I’m taking a shower.

21. My pencils don’t mysteriously go missing every three seconds.

22. The Echinacea doesn’t run out by itself.

23. Andrew Eldritch is a nice person who actually cares about his fans…

24. I can sing. Actually sing. In tune. WELL.

25. Time appears to naturally slow down for me, and it takes longer for my birthday to come round each year.

26. I don’t do embarrassing things like mispronounce band members’ names.

27. Future generations worship me.

28. I don’t miss my tube stop.

29. My ESP skills improve so much that I don’t have to use up texting credit anymore.

30. I reach 30 feeling like I’ve done something with my life.

A big thank you to Diana from A Holistic Journey for giving me the idea for this with her “In My Fantasy” post! I found it on Harsh Reality, where she was a guest. Oh, and here’s part 2 for her “In My Fantasy” post. You should totally read her blog. Enjoy!

Finally, before I go: Tell me what’s in your fantasy. Response posts are also completely welcome 🙂

18 thoughts on “In My Highly Unrealistic Fantasy

  1. I relate so much to all of these. I would really love not saying/doing stupid things in general and not injuring myself dramatically when attempting to do anything other than roll over in bed. And being a super-strong, super-fast award-winning author and polyglot wouldn’t be too bad either.

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  2. I was a linguistics major in college (and Classics minor: Grk and Latin) so you know how I feel about langs. And I considered adding that I LOOK like I work out…when I don’t. LOL. Fun list. (The link-back to HR goes to his home page and they’ll have to scroll forever to find the guest post. Just fyi: the guest piece was a mix of the original two parts anyway.) Thanks for the mention. Glad you had fun.


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    • Hi Diana,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Oh wow, I would love to speak Latin, that’s so cool. Haha, that’s one step further with the “working out” thing – LOL 🙂 That would have been funny!
      I did mean to link to Harsh Reality’s home page, but I corrected the other stuff you told me about – thanks for alerting me!


  3. Days would need more hours for all that, haha. But I agree on the lint on black clothes. I have my own rainbow hairs that also like to attach to my black clothes and never leave. >< Gaah. Your fantasy sounds absolutely amazing.

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    • Oh yeah! I’d need like and extra 100 extra years to complete everything in my highly unrealistic fantasy 🙂 LINT ON BLACK CLOTHES IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER. Well, one of the most… but it’s pretty bad. Also, cat fur on black clothes 😦 And I get what you mean about your hair; that happens to me too with my red hair but it sounds worse for you with all the rainbow colours (which BTW look awesome on your head!) Thank you for reading my post and commenting >.<

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      • Yes! I have eight cats and I will not let any of them touch me unless I’m in non-black clothes. Just no >< It's a terrible mess.
        I have found so many colored hairs and some of them I haven't had in my hair for a long while! xD

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  4. I don’t think I’ve ever found a collection of fantasies quite so relatable! I am not a musical person at all, but that in no way stops me from wishing that I too was an artistic and super successful rock band member. If there’s room for a grade 5 pianist when you start your band, drop me a line… (lucy)

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    • LOL, thank you very much >.<, Wow, that is so cool that you learnt Swedish (and fast)! I'll give a try – I downloaded the app on the ipad a few weeks ago but then it told me I had to pay if I wanted to carry on. Thank you!! 🙂


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