Why My Pyjamas Were Soaking On Friday

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know that my friend wrote me a bucket list. Yeah, that’s right; she wrote a bucket list for me to complete… Well, I must state that luckily we both possess a sense of sense, so there was nothing on there like “Kiss a random woman on the bus” or “Stop listening to The Cure”. However, there was an item on the list instructing me to have a shower fully clothed… which brings me to the point of this post. But first, let me quickly say that after posting the list on this blog, I was given an extra goal from a reader (Belladonna Took) in the comments section: blog about each item once I’ve completed it. So that is what I am doing! Admittedly, the very first thing I completed (send someone a Valentine’s Day card) lacks its own post… but I am letting myself off the hook for that because it got a mention when I published the bucket list :).

I had put the bucket list off for some time. As you know, I am an expert in procrastination so this wasn’t difficult for me, but after a while an inner voice coerced me into getting my act together. So I did it. I ticked my second item off the list: I had a shower fully clothed. This sounds mad, but to tell the truth, it was seriously quite fun. To save time, I showered straight in my pyjamas so that I wouldn’t have to change twice (see the intelligent rocket science that goes on in my head?)

What made showering in my pyjamas so strange was the fact that my whole life it has been drilled into me not to do that. Fine, not in those exact words, but it is a commonly accepted fact that showering is something you do naked. I know, obviously no-one ponders the dress code of daily bodily cleansing on too regular a basis, but I think we understand what I am saying. It was the fact that it was strange that made it fun. You will never know the sensation of warm water slowly soaking into your sheep-patterned sleeping garments until you try it. That feeling of being shrouded in heavy, heated fabric as water drips from your hair and clothing into the bath tub, swirling down the drain. A cocoon of comforting unknown. It was confusing and disorientating, the lovely unfamiliar-ness of the situation. Once I got used to that, though, there was the decision of whether to lather over… or under… my pyjamas, you know what I mean? Upon trial, I found that if you lather over them, 40% of the soap reaches your skin and the remaining 60% just serves as extra washing detergent for your clothes. But it can be hard to reach under. In the end I just enjoyed the shower! The NEW experience!

I stepped out, wrung off my clothes and wrapped myself in the embrace of a towel freshly off the radiator. The sense of achievement was something I hadn’t felt in a while. It was a peculiar feeling, and left me with a high to begin my day on.

Second item off my list!


18 thoughts on “Why My Pyjamas Were Soaking On Friday

    • You should try it!

      Soaked to the skin in icy river water?! That doesn’t sound pleasant… It actually reminds me of a time when I jumped into a river in December with my clothes on; we were on a school trip (back when I was in primary school) to Wales and one of the activity managers that had been teaching us to row, jokingly dared us to jump in. I was the first. I then had to endure the cold of my soaking clothes all the way back to the house we were staying in – NOT enjoyable!! How come you were soaked in river water??

      Thank you for reading my post!


      • I can’t remember any specific occasion in a river or the ocean, although I have been drenched on more than one occasion – uncomfortable with salt water but one’s usually frolicking around rivers, etc in summer, so you dry off quickly. One very wet and chilly memory is of a hike I did in the Drakensberg Mountains with my cousin, many years back. We got caught in a storm – pretty scary, since there was lightning and we were very exposed. The wind was something fierce, and it was ICY, and there was absolutely nothing to do about it except keep plodding straight into the horizontal rain. We eventually came to the cabin where we were spending the night – it had been built for firefighters (my cousin was “connected”), so although it was empty there was everything we needed – dry blankets (our sleeping bags were soaked) and a fire already built in the fireplace. I have never been more relieved to strip off and drip dry!

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  1. Great read! I love that you did something off the bucket list that is out of the ordinary and against what we have all been conditioned to do and think. Obviously there is a reason for showering naked, but good on you for doing things differently. They say we actually exercise, stimulate and challenge our brains when we switch things up, like for example doing something with the left hand when we are use to always doing it with the right hand, or vice-versa. I agree with the comment above from Belladonna, as in we all know what it’s like to be soaked while fully clothed in icy rain or river water, but unless we live in a tropical paradise, very few of us ever experience being soaked while clothed in warm water. Again, this was a great read!

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  2. This actually sounds like a lovely activity to partake in. Especially when you wake up in the dead of Winter, run through the cold house to the bathroom and start the warm water in the tub. I dread the cold so bad that I’m surprised I never considered this. Excited to hear about the rest of your little adventures. 🙂

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  4. Haha it was a wonderful and enjoyable read, Jamila ! The way you described it while giving so much attention to detailing (percantages), just didn’t let go off the smile from my face. Keep sharing your experiences, this is probably the most unique blog on wordpress 😀

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