What Would You Say In 10 Seconds To Your Best Friend?

You might have read my previous posts about a bucket list my friend (whom I shall refer to as ‘C’) wrote for me. She sent it along with a letter explaining that I didn’t have to do anything on it that was out of my comfort zone, but she thought that I might enjoy doing the things she’d written down. One of the items on the list happened to be “Call the same friend every day for a week”. I decided the person I would call would be her, partly because no-one else would be able to tolerate talking to me for a week, and partly because she was the person I most enjoy speaking with on the phone.

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Of course, you don’t have to read them to understand this post, I just thought that you might enjoy checking them out. (I know, I need to do something about my ego…)
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Now, I feel incredibly bad making calls from my mobile when the person I’m talking to doesn’t use Giffgaff. I use Giffgaff. C doesn’t have Giffgaff. That means that whenever I call her from there, a relatively large amount of money gets extracted from my credit. Then I feel bad having to ask my father to top up my phone. So when C and I speak to each other, either she has to call me (her contract is different, meaning it’s free to call my mobile) or we have to use our home phones. Which isn’t always as practical. It’s not as straightforward to use, and there’s always the issue of someone else picking up the phone. In fact, quite recently I phoned and her sister picked up. “Hello?” she said. I thought it was C speaking. “You always answer the phone when I’m coughing,” I replied with a laugh. An awkward pause ensued.
“Do you want me to pass you over to C?” said the voice on the other end of the line. That was when I realised it wasn’t C. Oh SHOOT.

Yes please,” I replied meekly. *Cringe*… You always answer the phone when I’m coughing. Seriously?

I initially had to clarify the definition of “Call the same friend every day for a week” with C, because I wasn’t sure whether it counted if she called me. But it turned out it did count, which helped a whole lot.

The hardest part about phoning each other every day for a week was finding the time. Sometimes we wouldn’t be home at the same time, and sometimes we’d have to call each other more than once in the day to continue the conversation. The funniest thing was when we both only had 10 seconds to phone each other before we needed to go to sleep. This only happened about twice and it was hilarious rushing to recount the details of the day in the little time that we had. I remember once at around 11:30 at night, C had got home late after the electric car had stranded her and her family miles from home. She told me the story in about forty seconds (which exceeded the ten we had agreed on).

The once-a-day-for-a-week calls were an epic way to catch up with each other. And they eliminated my fear of phones. Well, almost. I didn’t have a huge fear of calling people – it was very far from an official phobia -, but speaking to folks I know still made me nervous. Anyway, now that’s almost gone! I also got to hear a lot of gossip (bitchy girls in college… always intriguing to hear about, unless you happen to be the one that they’re being bitchy to) so that was interesting…

Something quick that I want to add is that the first time I ever spoke to C on the phone, I was terrified. Irrationally nervous because it had been months since we’d seen each other. But now, it’s the opposite.

9 thoughts on “What Would You Say In 10 Seconds To Your Best Friend?

  1. That is such a cool thing to do. I have a highly irrational fear of talking to anyone on the phone (it pisses my mom off), so I understand. It is a great way to get used to things that are different and having that ten second time limit a couple times makes it veeery interesting! Haha, I bet those were fun phone calls.

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