My First Blog Tour Award

Thank you SO much to Paola from DotedOn for nominating me for this award! I just want to say that her blog is really cool because as the reader you are basically getting an honest daily dose of her life, so you can wake up each morning and read the next installment, like a story that gets updated every day. Except, unlike a novel, it is all true, and if you start reading in the middle you can still understand it. So, I am bestowing the link upon you, my dear reader:
Use it wisely!

Now for this award – The Blog Tour Award, here are the rules for accepting:
1) Compose a one-time post on a specific Monday.
2) Give your nominees the rules and a specific Monday to post.
3) Pass the blog tour to four other bloggers.
4) Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.

Let me explain:

What it means by a one-time specific Monday is that you have to do your acceptance post including a story you’ve written, on a specific Monday that the person who nominated you chose. This can either be a specific date, or something clever… or something annoying.

I was asked to: please do it on a sunny Monday. I got off pretty easily with that requirement – I mean, DotedOn could have specified a date that was really difficult for me but instead she said to post it on a sunny Monday, which is quite flexible, and I’m really grateful for that. As it happens, I’m a really awesome person too so I’m also going to give my nominees a “deadline” that hopefully isn’t too difficult to follow!

You can see which Monday I’ve chosen for my nominees, down below at the bottom of this post.

The story you write can be about ANYTHING. It can be whatever length you want – okay, preferably not just one sentence. You can write it especially for the award, or it can be something you wrote ages ago. Whatever. True or false. Be creative!

My story is a piece of really bad creative writing from a few months ago. I’ll give a longer preamble full of excuses above the story.

The nominees always answer the same four questions. Here are the questions and my answers!

-What are you working on at the moment?

Good question! That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’m not too good at time management. Actually, I think that sentence was a bit of an understatement. Twitter exists which takes out a huge chunk of the time that I would usually spend doing… ahem… things that are ACTUALLY useful. I like to tell myself, though, that Twitter is a necessary networking investment for my future… Anyway, my point is that whatever I’m working on at the moment is usually only what I’m working on for a fraction of that moment, as The Internet distracts me. Right now, I’m focusing on trying to focus on learning languages, and I’ve also been doing a helluva lot of scrapbooking. And googling Varg Vikernes a lot. I’d like to be working on a novel but I’m not. (I’d also like to be working on my next black metal album with symphonic and post-punk influences… but I’m not even in a black metal band.)

-How does your work differ from others in your genre?

I procrastinate more.

-Why do you write or create what you do?

I like to write because it enables me to play god. Also, because it’s the most straightforward way to express my thoughts, opinions and ideas. Apart from just saying them out loud. But talking lacks the meaning of writing πŸ˜‰

-How does your writing/creative process work?

This depends on whether I’m writing on my blog or just doing creative writing (which you will sample in all its nonexistent glory in a moment). With creative writing I usually use a prompt and a timer and just free-write. Sometimes I edit it to sound better afterwards πŸ™‚ When I write on this blog I normally compose a post over a couple of days, taking breaks so that it’s easier to edit what I’ve written.

My super short story is a really bad piece of creative writing from a few months ago. Reeeeeeeeeally bad. It’s not even in the style in which I normally like to write. I edited it but it still isn’t good; I’m just showing it here for fun and obviously I can write stories that are better. Here it is (Any innuendo is because you have a dirty mind, not me):
Bidding farewell to his ex-boyfriend was, surprisingly, a rather juvenile affair – excuse the pun. Leon had been on precisely two dates with Benjamin. Two short dates. The first had been in a small coffee shop with vanilla brioches and old brown books that smelt of chocolate and icing sugar. There had been pictures of the Eiffel tower and love hearts on the burgundy walls. Benjamin had ordered an espresso. Leon had asked him why he didn’t take sugar and Benjamin had replied that Leon was the only sweetener he needed.Their second date had taken place in a poky French restaurant in Stoke Newington. They’d ordered lobster in white wine sauce. They’d discussed Parisian cuisine. They’d talked about favourite childhood comics. They’d laughed.

They’d arranged to meet again.

And then, their relationship – fleeting as it was – had been cut short by a girl named Jemima. In her innocence, she had fallen for Benjamin. The affair, as Leon called it, (although Benjamin liked to deny the title) lasted one day before it was found out.

Now Leon was pedaling his bicycle on the way to his ex’s moving away party. Jemima would be there. All the while as he pedaled, he tried to put this fact out of his mind, thinking instead of the tree with peculiar yellow flowers at the bottom of his parents’ garden, and how as a little boy he used to think the to an underground spy agency led by ninja griffins in red sunglasses.

He now wished he was pedaling towards that and even managed to convince himself so for five minutes, which required quite a suspension of disbelief, but was possible if he imagined the griffin’s glasses to be green instead of red.

Leon reached Benjamin’s old house boat, where the party was happening. He stepped on board. There was a splash. He peeked over the edge and saw Jemima flailing in the water. Benjamin was approaching. Leon checked that his zip was done up and then greeted the man with a nod of his head. Ben did the same. “Thanks for coming, man, I knew you’d make it” he said. Leon nodded. “Took your bike, did you?” remarked the ex noticing the helmet perched on Leon’s head. Leon nodded slowly and then remembered, to his delight, that Jemima was still floundering overboard. He hesitated and then leaned over, reaching his arm out to help her.

“Oh, right” said Ben… Well it means a lot that you came. He assisted Leon in the recovering of his girlfriend and then went inside to fetch a towel. Jemima, now back on board, coughed. Leon took a breath, paused and then said, “Jemima – you guys have my blessings… but just don’t tell Benjy about the time you and I were together…” He lowered his voice. “Especially not about the kiss I gave you… when I was dating him.”

“When we were dating him” she corrected.

The End

These are my Nominees (Hopefully their stories will be better!)

I’ll add more tomorrow, and I’ll edit the mistakes out of this entry XD

Nominees, post your acceptance posts/stories on a rainy Monday.

9 thoughts on “My First Blog Tour Award

  1. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it and much more! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the nomination. Hopefully, I can get to it, but I live just outside of Phoenix, Arizona and so the chance of rain, especially on any particular Monday, is not looking so good right now. I’ll keep it in mind, though. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually liked the story, it has a clever ending. The plot dipped away from believability in a few places but I really like the writing style!

    Liked by 1 person

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