How To Make Wool Dreads

Jamila Dreads From Back Vignette

My dread extensions

These dreadlock extensions are made by felting wool with warm water and soap. They are double-ended, which means that they are twice the length of single-ended dreads. You plait one half into the hair and leave the other half hanging down.

Single-ended dreads, on the other hand, have a loop in the top. They can be more of a hassle to install, but you’re also able to attach them to any “real” dreadlocks you may have. Another advantage to making single-ended dreads is that you can fashion them into dread falls. This means threading them onto elastic and then tying the elastic onto your hair.

But for now, we’re going to stick with double-ended dreads. I’ll explain how to install them further down.

To make them, all you need is:

  • Wool
  • Warm water
  • Soap

The amount of wool needed depends on the amount of dread extensions you would like to make. One ball of wool is usually enough for a substantial set. I bought my wool for about £3.50 a roll.

Step 1. Fill a bowl or bucket with warm soapy water. You only need enough to submerge the wool.


Step 2. Tear the wool into strips. The strips should be slightly bigger than the width you want your dreads to be, as they condense when felted.

Step 3. One by one, submerge the strips of wool in the water and roll them between your hands. You’ll want to do this until they resemble a shape and consistency that you like. If you want them to look more natural, roll them less evenly and add imperfections.

You can also blend different colours of wool together, and experiment with patterns. Marbled dreads look cool. If you’re going for a more cyber-oriented  style, you might want to try candy cane or transitional patterns. Transitional is when the dread starts off one colour and fades into another.

I did a mixture of different patterns:



Step 4. Leave them to dry overnight.

You’re done!

To install double-ended dreads, fold each dread in half and plait one half into your hair. The other half just hangs down. I kinda like this look because you get cool plaits as well. Jamila Dread Extensions Messy

You can mix and match different styles and patterns.


A mixture of different types of dreads.

Vignette Dread Extensions Jamila

Have fun!



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