Should You Tell People About Your Blog?

Do you tell people you know in real life about the fact that you have a blog? And if so, do you you share your blog with them? Or do you make an effort to keep your blog hidden from people you know?

I ask because I am unsure of what to do. Up until this point, I have not worried too much about friends and acquaintances finding my blog; I haven’t written anything that could offend them, or that they could know is about them. I’ve even shown my blog to people.

Now I wonder whether that was the right thing to do.

You see, I’d like to have the freedom of being able to write about people I know without running the risk of them reading those posts. I acknowledge that there probably aren’t that many people who I’ve told about my blog that still read it. But there is still a tiny risk.

Another factor to take into account is that people have ways of finding thisizapen without me telling them about it. For example, my Instagram. Many folks I know in real life follow my Instagram. I have a link to this site in the bio. People might get curious and tap the link. That could be my social life finished.

I don’t say this because I want to write solely negative things about people I know in real life. Sometimes I am simply fascinated by their behaviour. But I still run the risk of saying something that offends them. Either that, or they might think that I view them more highly than I actually do just because I’ve written a post about them. God, I sound like a bitch. But I just don’t want people thinking I obsess over them. I also don’t want people to be embarrassed if they find something about them, or feel awkward talking to me after reading it.

Then, of course there are the times when friends and acquaintances tick me off and I want to be able to vent about them and theorize about their thinking and motives. It would be bad if they read what I had to say about them. But then again, it might also be a good way of letting them know that they went too far?

Even if I don’t write about people I know, there are reasons I might not want them to find my blog.

  1. They could jump to conclusions about me.
  2. They could use it as a way to “spy” on me.
  3. They could use something I’ve said on here against me in an argument.
  4. They could judge me based on it.
  5. They might think I’m stupid just because they don’t share my opinions.
  6. They could make me feel awkward by bringing up something I’ve said on my blog and questioning me further about it.
  7. They could misunderstand my opinions.

There are a few posts I’m thinking of publishing, that I can only write if I stop telling people I know in real life about this blog.

One of them is something I’m actually writing, in which up until now I’ve tried to avoid using certain people as examples, despite them being the reason I’m writing the post. I’ve been trying to make it as objective as possible. I’m now wondering whether to change it and make it about the people I know.

Of course, I also like to hold the belief that everyone will hear about my blog anyway, someday, because it will become famous and my posts will go viral.

What do you think I should do? Do you want to hear about these boring people? Or is it too risky? What approach do you take with your blog?


31 thoughts on “Should You Tell People About Your Blog?

  1. Wow sorry didnt mean to send it incomplete. I have given them my wordpress and its different than my instagram. Its not because i write about them just dont want them seeing it.. weird like that. I think you should be able to write whatever you want on your blog and even tell people, obviously only if you want.

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  2. From a content marketing perspective, you should tell those you know so that they will visit your blog and you will get more traffic and hits – potentially giving you higher rankings in Google search. However, this is usually advised for those who are just starting out. It would appear that you are not starting out and that you already have a healthy following. Therefore you don’t really need the support of friends and family for your blog to be successful since it already is.

    With that being said, you are right that those you know are bound to find your blog if they take a little time searching for it (i.e. through your Instagram bio link). No matter how objectively you write, or even if you change their names so that nobody feels directly attacked – they would most likely recognize themselves through the details of the story. You are also correct with all the reasons that you have listed for not wanting them to find your blog – but unless you make it private – as you know a blog is public. I guess you have to be ready to stand behind what you write if you are blogger, whether people like or not, or whether they try and use it against you are not. It’s up to you to defend what you post for either you believe in what you stand for or you do not.

    Personally, I have 1 website, 3 blogs, 1 podcast and a YouTube channel. One of my blogs is about my lifestyle and many of the videos on my YouTube channel feature this lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that might offend some and that not everybody agrees with. It is a lifestyle that most people would not want their own mothers knowing about or seeing. It is a lifestyle that could hinder my chances of getting jobs with certain employers, or losing the interest of a girl who looks me up online and discovers that I’m clearly not the type of guy she wants to date. And yet I am not shy about publicizing it to my friends and family.

    However, it seems that other than the initial visit to your blog, friends and family are not the best ”return” visitors. Unless they are a blogger themselves who are inherently interested in reading blogs, or they are your absolute best friend, most will only visit once and that’s all. In fact, it seems like I only get ”return” visits from friends and family when I share news about my blog posts, podcasts and YouTube videos on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And even then – most of my traffic seems to come from folks that I do not know. Besides, when people visit they are most likely only reading the newest blog post and that’s all. The newest blog post might not be about them – or in my case about my particular lifestyle. So in other words you should write about whoever you please whenever you want. Yes they might read it – but the chances of that happening are minimal. The chances of friends and family clicking on your IG bio link is also very minimal as most people see, like and comment on photos through the ”news feed” without ever actually going to you Instagram page. And if they do and you get a bad reaction from them, well, that will give you additional writing fodder for a new blog post.

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  3. yes omg I ask myself that question all the time. I think My blog is somewhere I can privately share how I feel and stuff without al, my friends judging me it’s like a separate community. I kind of like the fact that it’s private I mean maybe one day my friends will find out but until then I’ll keep it private

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  4. Whenever I get the feeling to write about something so personal and then post it in a public forum, I ask myself two questions:
    1) What is my intention behind this?
    2) Do I really need to do this? Can I simply write this and not post it?

    Okay, that’s three questions, but whatevs.

    The reason we write and post is to express ourselves publicly, and to find other people who maybe feel the same way that we do. This is something we constantly do. When you talk to friends or family about personal issues, you’re expressing yourself publicly, perhaps seeking empathy. The difference with a blog is that a) Unless you delete the post, it’s there for anyone to find and b) Many more people have potential access to your personal thoughts.

    Before publishing her first book, my writing instructor said to our class that she’s okay with all of her personal stuff being out in the open because if she becomes famous, there will be no surprises for tabloids to dig up and reveal. It’s all out there already. On the other hand, there is something to be said of the importance of privacy. One reason people come to me, privately, with their personal issues is because they trust that whatever they say to me will not be repeated to anyone else. That’s key in people being comfortable talking to me about anything they’re thinking or feeling.

    So the question, for you, becomes: Is what you want to share so private that you’d be embarrassed for someone to read it and know that what you’ve written actually represents how you feel? I ask this question in this way because when you wonder if you would hurt anyone, I start to wonder if you really feel that publicly expressing these innermost feelings would be worth the cost of hurting someone.

    In short, I’m not going to tell you what to do. It’s not my place to make this extremely important decision for you. All I can say is: Do what you feel is right. After all, you are the one who has to deal with the consequences of your decision, not me. So think about the possible consequences (loss of people being comfortable with you or trusting you), think about how those consequences will affect you and everyone around you, and make sure that you are prepared to accept those consequences, whatever they may be.

    That said, I’ll add that what you may want to do is seek out another solution for your problem. If the reason you want to publicly post things about the people close to you is because you feel a need to express those feelings you have, then maybe what you should do is find a few people far away from you, people who you trust, and send those thoughts to them via email or something. That way, you can fully express yourself while avoiding the consequences of people you know personally taking what you’re saying the wrong way, or the right way, and getting angry about it.

    Remember that not everyone desires to hear the truth of what you’re really thinking.

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    • That’s true that unless you delete a post, it’s there for anyone to find. I was thinking about that as well, and it’s a good point. Unless you delete what you write online, it’s there forever for anyone to see, even if you’re no longer fired up about whatever you’ve written about. Which could potentially make someone very angry with you, even when you’re no longer angry with them.

      Most of what I have in mind to write about people is not about me being angry with them, or about anything personal that they’ve told me in confidence. I’d never breach anyone’s trust. I’d mainly want to write interesting-ish report-type stuff, for example, if I met up with a friend or had a thought-provoking conversation with them, I might want to write about it a) because that’s what’s been happening in my life and I’ve noticed a lot of my recent posts becoming more about my opinions than my actual life and b) because I think people might find it vaguely interesting to read. I just wouldn’t want acquaintances to think that I’m enthralled with them just because I’ve written a blog post about them – or be angry with me for being pissed off with them; I do want to write SOME posts when I’m annoyed with people. You’re right that before I post anything about folks I know, I should consider the possible consequences – ask myself what posting this could result in.

      Also, good point about finding other people to vent to un-publicly. I had not thought about that!

      Thank you for sharing your advice. You’ve definitely given me more to think about. Have you ever written a post and then decided not to post it because it was about someone?

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      • Quite a few times, yes, I have written something that I ended up not posting. A general rule I have is to not post anything I’ve written until at least the next day. That way I get to calm down a little, get some sleep, and then look at my piece again, with fresh eyes and a clear mind, before deciding to either post it, simply file it away somewhere, or delete it.

        But if I’m not venting, if I’m not thinking about posting something negative, then yeah, I do post about other people. Normally, I do it in poetry. The last number of poems I wrote, in fact, are about someone. I don’t know if she’s reading them, but the point is to express myself through poetry. And the types of poems I write usually goes in cycles, depending on how depressed I feel.

        Anyway, I’m glad you’ve been thinking about this rather than just jumping into it blindly. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be the right thing. You certainly are an intelligent girl, and I know it’ll work out for you in the end. 🙂

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  5. I completely get where you’re coming from. I had to give out to my mam for sharing posts to my relatives without permission! 😀 When I write about school, I always have to be really vague as well just in case, particularly if I’m talking about my old school, which wasn’t emmmm… the best experience :-/ I let my close friends read my blog and get feed back off them though

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    • Haha, aaaaaaaaaargh! Which posts did she give them? Do you not mind your mum herself reading your blog, or have there been posts where it’s been awkward for her to see them?
      Ah, I see what you mean about your old school.
      I also let my best friend read my blog, but I haven’t given it to any other friends recently, for obvious reasons.


  6. Hi friend
    I understand the questions you ask about sharing your blog. I had a twitter feed on my post until I realized my brother or wife might be on Twitter. I have only made a couple of remarks about them. My blog is for me and other bloggers to see not family. I want to feel free to say what I think without family sharing their thoughts. WP is my special place, the only place I can be known yet unknown.
    I look forward to how you handle the decision.
    Good luck

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  7. I’ve tried to ride a middle road. I talk about my blog with my friends and family but I don’t show it to them or encourage them to read it. I put a link to it on all my social media accounts except for my personal Facebook page. If they want to read my blog it wouldn’t be hard to find but I would rather they didn’t. I’m more worried about my efforts being belittled or made fun of because some people think blogs are stupid. I just don’t need that negativity in my head. It does feel weird to know they might be reading it though :/

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    • I can relate to being worried about my efforts being made fun of, for the same reason. I’d really hate for people to be smirking at me behind my back. I know, right!? It’s strange to think that at this moment in time someone you know could be scrolling through your blog. I think sometimes people feel it’s polite to ask for our blogs after we’ve mentioned that we write them? Maybe they even look up our blogs for that very same reason: because they think it’s polite! Imagine that, LOL. Thanks for reading.


  8. I always tried to keep my blog a secret. These days I don’t, I don’t hold up a sign with my blog adress but my friends & family know what I do (they were wondering what I did with all those days off work that I did not ‘have time’ to meet) some laugh about it, some support me, some don’t care. I’m fine with all of that, it is something I do because I like, that they will have to somehow accept if they want to be friends ^^
    * regarding the sign: have it on my business card though because it is a part of me & a place to contact me as well…

    Then again, writing about people is risky, always will be, especially if it is something they or a third person might feel bad about… dunno… this probably is something everyone needs to figure out by themselves, to share or not to share…

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  10. I only just came across your blog post specifically trying to answer this question!! I only just started blogging . The problem is, I know that several of my family and friends do not agree with/ understand my opinions. So I don’t really want to share it with people I know…I hate the thought of people judging me..But how do I let the world know that I have a blog – do you have any advice??

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