A Song to Encourage Your Year

This is one of my favourite songs, by one of my favourite bands. I will say no more, as I do not want the way I perceive this song to accidentally affect the way you perceive it. We each have different things that we tune into. We notice different parts, and we enjoy different aspects. What you get out of this song may be different from what I get out of it. Tell me, what do you like about this song? What do you notice in it? If you’re up for it, you can do a fun free-write comment of all the ideas/feelings/thoughts that came up for while listening.

Close your eyes, and listen fully.

What do you think of it?


2 thoughts on “A Song to Encourage Your Year

  1. This morning, a song from the Sucker Punch soundtrack, “Love Is The Drug,” came up on my playlist. Hearing that, the sound of it, might be influencing how I heard this song as having that ‘live performance at a private club’ feel to it. That’s how I picture this song being played anyway.

    Okay, as I’m listening to it again, I think it would be a great song for a talent show depicted in a Grease 3. God, I wish someone would make Grease 3. Every time I see Grease 2, I feel like there’s more that can be done with the franchise.

    Okay, seriously now, I do enjoy this song. However, whenever I hear a song with lyrics such as in this one, I start picturing how it can be used humorously somewhere. But that’s just me, I guess.


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