2017 BFF Resolutions

 I’m sure you remember my BFF, Inspired Teen! We’ve blogged together before, and I mention her in multiple bucket list posts (actually, those posts are quite far back now; it’s incredible how fast time passes). We are doing another collaboration. We decided to make friendship resolutions and post them one one person’s blog, and make normal resolutions – you know, like normal people do 😉 – and post them on the other person’s blog. The friendship resolutions are going on my blog, and the normal-people resolutions are going on Inspired Teen’s blog.
Friendship resolutions are a bit like friendship bucket list items, except that, like normal resolutions, they are made at the beginning of the year, and must be completed within the year. They are essentially fun things to do together.
Inspired Teen’s friendship resolutions (written by her):
1. Finally have that horror movie marathon – Jamila and I have been planning on having a horror movie marathon together for so long! We tried having one in November but I’m very good at falling asleep once I’ve got the TV on so after a film and a half I was already asleep. Not that much of a horror movie marathon. Now that we’ve got an entire new year to plan it, hopefully we’ll actually get it done.
2. Phone each other at least twice a week for a month – When our friendship was first starting out we used to e-mail each other maybe three pages worth of e-mail a week or something like that. We were always talking, I don’t think I’ve ever contacted anyone that much after knowing them for such little time except her. However, as the years have gone by we’ve both become busier and have had less time, we now skype message quite often but it will never be the same as having a proper catch-up, that’s why I hope this year we will manage to get into a pattern of regular catch-ups. Because I miss her!
3. Have at least four sleepovers – for the reasons just started above Jamila and I struggle to pin down dates when we’re both available to not only see each other but travel to each other as we live quite far away from each other. This year though I definitely have plans to see more of this wonderful human being, four sleepovers doesn’t feel like asking for too much!
4. Start filling a scrapbook together – Jamila, you may have realised, is a very arty person and has about five scrapbooks on the go all at once. I have never managed to get into scrapbooking as I have so little time, but I would really love to make this a joint project together. It could be photos as well as art work and maybe even a few journal entries done in an arty way, but I would really like it if Jamila and I could start working on this together this year.
5. Spend Halloween together – we have wanted to do this ever since we became friends but I have been busy on the last couple of Halloweens with drama performances, this year though, my schedule is free and if we arrange it in enough time then hopefully it will happen! And then we can have our horror movie marathon on Halloween!
6. Take photobooth photos together – for my 15th birthday I went bowling with some friends and there was a photo booth there, it was really cheap to have photobooth photos taken as well and I think they’re really cool and great to hang up in your room, I would really love it if we could take some photobooth photos this year together.
7. Go on a photography trip together – As well as being very artistic you may have noticed from Jamila’s Instagram that she is also INSANELY talented when it comes to photography, there basically isn’t a single thing that girl can’t do and yet she says I’M intelligent! She is, like, the most intelligent person I know. Anyway, one of my new year’s resolutions is to get more into photography and so I would really love it if I could go on a photography trip with her and we could take loads of great photos and then compare them at the end of the day, maybe do some editing and then perhaps even print them out for our amazing scrapbook that we’re going to have – exciting right?!
My friendship resolutions (written by me):
8. Write each other letters – I don’t mind how many letters we write to each other – whether it’s just a couple, or it becomes a regular thing we do to update each other. To  me, receiving a letter is something very special; there’s something about seeing one’s name written in ink on the envelope and knowing that inside is a tangible message that can be stored in one place and read over and over again. Writing a letter is fun because, like writing an e-mail or blog post, you are expressing your thoughts and updating someone, but something about it feels different. I’m not sure what that is. Inspired Teen has sent me some beautiful letters in the past. She actually sent me some bucket lists on the post on really nice paper, and I loved the feeling of opening the envelopes (for me) and reading the messages (to me).
9. Have a picnic together – Inspired Teen and I have never sat down together in a park and had a proper picnic-picnic. We have sat down on a bench and had chips before, and I am sure that there have been other times when we’ve been out-and-about and grabbed a bite, but we’ve never prepared food to take with us. I have this very quaint idea in my head of us packing sandwiches and biscuits into a wicker picnic basket; filling chunky flasks with tea or ginger beer, and heading off to a park. When we get there, the sun will be shining and we’ll spread out a red-and-white checkered picnic blanket and lay out our food. In real life, it will probably be more something along the lines of packing sandwiches into Tesco tupperwares; filling dodgy tea-stained flasks with… well, tea, “Jamila, where on earth is the lid for this flask” “I have no idea,” and spending ages deciding on a park. But it will STILL be awesome.
10. Play Settlers of Catan together – We have already played Settlers of Catan, but it is one of the funnest games, and I’d love to play it again. Especially since Inspired Teen seems to have all the expansion packs. Okay, that’s a massive exaggeration, but she has more than one Settlers of Catan game. I see the big boxes sitting temptingly on the game shelf near her kitcken. For those who don’t know, Settlers of Catan is a board game where you build settlements by trading resources. We played Settlers of Catan last time I went to her house… I think it was last time… and it was the first time I’d played the game in about six years. In fact, it was only the second time I played the game. I had to be taught it all over again. That must have been slightly annoying for Inspired Teen. However, the game was easier than it had felt the first time I played it. I really enjoyed it!
11. Do some creative writing together – I have a feeling this is something we’ve said we’ll do together before. Creative writing is so fun when you pick a random prompt and time yourself and just write. It’s entertaining hearing what the other person/s have written. I also feel like it could be an opportunity for both of us to finally get some embarrassing poetry out. That’ll be hilarious! We might even write one non-embarrassing poem. Fingers crossed.
12. Play Agar Hub together – Okay… I have some explaining to do. Something you may not know about me is that, in the last few months of 2016 I got really into playing this AgarIO spinoff called Agar Hub. I am not into computer games or video games AT ALL. I’m not even into board games except for the occasional Settlers of Catan game. But I have somhow managed to while away hours on Agar Hub. It is faster and better than the original AgarIO (I’ve played the original AgarIO once or twice). In the game, you are a blob, and your objective is to eat blobs that are smaller than you whilst avoiding being eaten by bigger blobs. Each blob you eat makes you bigger. It is addictive! That’s from someone who can resist the all-powerful Netflix and its formidable ‘Next episode plays in 7…6… 5…’ (Well, usually.)
13. Sit down and read together – This may sound like the most boring thing ever, possibly like a waste of our limited time together – but I think it would be really nice to make a cup of tea (well, two) and sit down on the sofa together and read. We could even read on that black straw-covered sofa in Inspired Teen’s shed. Yes, she has a sofa in her shed. I think it’s really cool. Anyway, the reason I would like to read together is because there’s something to be said for companionable silence. Once we sat for a while on our phones together and it didn’t feel awkward or unsociable; it just felt natural and it was nice not to sit alone.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you make some friendship resolutions, if you want to =) If you do, let me know what they are!
Finally, if you’re interested in reading my resolutions – and Inspired Teen’s – they can be found on her blog: lifeofaninspiredteen

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    • Hey Em!
      Thank you so much for reading this post. I’m glad you think the picnic sounds like a really fun idea. Then I guess you’ll just have to nick all these ideas 😛 And if you do, let me know how they went! xx

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